3 Tips for Choosing the Right Cabinet Style

Kitchens are a crucial room in any home. Selecting the ideal cabinet style is an important decision for achieving both a beautiful and functional kitchen. When meeting with designers for custom cabinets, keep these tips in mind for picking your perfect custom cabinet design.

1. Carefully Consider Your Kitchen’s Size and Layout

Your kitchen’s overall dimensions and floor plan layout will impact the cabinet style options for your space. For relatively small or galley-style kitchens, it’s often best to opt for slimmer, streamlined cabinet styles like shakers or simple flat panels to avoid creating a closed-off look. Large open-concept kitchens can accommodate island cabinets or deeper pantry cabinets. They have the space to handle ornately detailed styles like inset cabinetry designs with trim accents. Collaborate with your custom cabinetry professional to maximize storage capacity with your custom cabinet solutions.

2. Complement Your Home’s Existing Architecture and Style

Your cabinet design should complement your home’s overall architectural style for a cohesive aesthetic. Matching classic cabinet door profiles like inset panels or cathedral styles typically pairs best with more traditional home architecture and interiors. For contemporary-style homes, flat panel or slab cabinetry pairs seamlessly without competing decorative details. Experienced designers of custom cabinets have the expertise to identify timeless styles that will fit intentionally within your home.

3. Consider the Cabinet Door and Drawer Front Styles

The specific style of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts will significantly impact the overall look and feel. Slab cabinet fronts offer a very streamlined, minimalist, and seamless pattern. Shaker-style doors add a bit more dimension and interest by using visible yet subtle recessed center panels. Consider mixing and matching door styles in different parts of the kitchen. Drawer fronts with flat slab fronts and wall cabinets with recessed panels increase visual interest. A reputable custom cabinet company can blend and balance different door styles beautifully.

According to Mordor Intelligence, by 2025, the kitchen cabinet market is expected to have a value of more than $160 billion. That being said, you should call immediately to work with a reputable cabinetry company before they are booked up. Collaborating with experienced local custom cabinet professionals ensures that you find the perfect cabinet style to match both your functional needs and individual style vision. Brookwood Cabinet Company offers an array of custom cabinets that fit your style and budget. Contact our team today for more information!

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