5 Amazing Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Are you considering investing in custom cabinets for your home? You’re not the only one. According to The Proline, 94% of homeowners have a partial or complete cabinetry replacement. To understand why custom cabinetry is such a popular option, we’ve highlighted five benefits below. Review this list and contact professionals near you to order and install custom cabinetry today.

1. Custom Sizing

Nothing is quite as frustrating as having a uniquely shaped kitchen and stock cabinetry not fitting. Thankfully, custom cabinetry is just the ticket to avoiding these stressors. When ordering your cabinetry, professionals will measure your kitchen dimensions and order accordingly. In light of this, you’ll no longer need to worry about wasted space or odd gaps in the kitchen cabinetry.

2. Many Design Selections

While ordering your cabinetry, you can consider a seemingly endless selection of wood types, finishes, door styles, and hardware designs. So, the cabinets will have several elements picked out by you to fit the visions of your kitchen’s aesthetic. With this stated, you’ll be elevating the interior design in your kitchen in a personalized and intentional way.

3. Additional Storage Space

One benefit of custom cabinets that draws in many homeowners is the additional storage space. Unlike stock cabinetry, which leaves lots of blank space in an average kitchen due to inaccurate measurements, custom cabinetry will utilize all available space and optimize storage opportunities. Additionally, homeowners can specialize the cabinetry and order convenient features, such as spice and cutlery cabinets, to enhance the storage capabilities.

4. Quality Craftsmanship

The quality craftsmanship that’s possible with custom cabinetry is mainly due to its manufacturing. While stock cabinets are made through an assembly line, custom ones are handmade intricately. Moreover, custom cabinetry has quality craftsmanship due to the better quality pieces used, such as dowels, dovetailed joints, mortise, and tenons. With this stated, you can be confident that the cabinets will last longer and remain pristine for the years to come.

5. Environmental Friendliness

While stock cabinets have unethically sourced materials, custom cabinetry can include environmentally friendly materials. For the most part, you’ll find custom cabinetry made with wood, which is renewable, recyclable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Plus, homeowners can order cabinets with stains and clear coats that won’t leave a negative environmental footprint.

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