6 Signs You Need a New Bathroom Vanity

The vanity is an essential part of every bathroom. It offers functionality, storage space, and aesthetic appeal. Certain situations instantly call for new bathroom vanities. If you notice these signs, it’s time to contact a professional.

1. Damaged Surface

Over time, most surfaces experience wear and tear. Wood may eventually warp in the hot, humid environment of the bathroom. Glass surfaces may become scratched. It’s wise to opt for a vanity with a more durable countertop, such as granite, to replace the damaged one.

2. Selling the House

Renovations can instantly increase the value of your house, help it sell faster, and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Bathroom remodels are among the most popular because they offer a high return on investment. According to Zillow, complete bathroom remodeling typically offers up to a $13,422 ROI. Even if you don’t opt for a full remodel, a new bathroom vanity can offer a lot of value for your home.

3. Insufficient Storage

As your family grows or you accumulate more products, it’s easy to run out of storage space in your bathroom. Homeowners with modern floating shelves as vanities often upgrade to bathroom vanities with ample under-the-sink storage. This is a standard upgrade new homeowners make to their bathrooms too.

4. Outdated Designs

If your bathroom looks stuck in the 1950s, and you’re not going for a retro theme, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern bathrooms are optimized, efficient, and utilize trending colors. Some homeowners opt for a neutral palette that complements a granite or marble vanity.

5. Little Functionality

Your bathroom must suit you and your entire family. That may mean choosing bathroom vanities with double sinks or more storage. On the other hand, you may need a smaller vanity to create more space in a small room. Consider what you need in a bathroom, and then speak with a customization expert to design the ideal product to optimize your space.

6. Need for Personalization

Another major reason homeowners upgrade their bathroom vanities is to personalize their bathrooms to suit their style. People who love small, elegant sinks may not enjoy a large double sink in their bathroom. Others may prefer a different finish or countertop material. If you’re ready to make your bathroom showcase your personality more effectively, it’s time for an upgrade.

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